Custom Home Builders in Balhannah, SA

A custom-built home is a direct reflection of your personality, taste, and style. With the help of a custom builder, you are able to come up with your dream home literally. You can add a personal touch to the home. For instance, if you are an art collector, the builder can incorporate some of your valued souvenirs into the house design. If you are in Balhannah, SA, the Kinkade Group can help you built a dream custom home. We have experienced custom home builders offering a wide range of construction services in Balhannah, SA. Other than building custom homes, we also offer home renovations, home extensions, and kitchen renovation services. We rank among the most reliable custom builders in Balhannah, SA.

Are you seeking to add a more open feel to your home? You can consider home extensions to add more space to the house. There are many reasons why you may need more space in your home. You may be moving in with a spouse, planning to host additional family members in your home, whatever your reason for considering an extension, we can help you to fulfill your dreams. Home extensions are also a great way of enhancing the value of your home. Adding square footage to your home improves the functionality of the home and makes it more attractive to buyers. 

Do you feel embarrassed every time you invite friends to your home because the house is too outdated? This is a sign that you need home renovation services. You will be happy to have your friends and loved ones over without the fear that they will laugh at your torn floors or hideous colors in your kitchen. We can renovate any area of your home, including your kitchen. We can replace your outdated countertops with inexpensive and easy to install countertops.  

It is not too late to have the dream home you have always desired. Contact Kinkade Group today.