Quality Custom Homes in Mount Barker, SA

By choosing to have a custom-built home, you will be sure about the quality of construction materials used for your home. A good custom home builder involves you in the major decisions of the construction project. For instance, the build will only use construction materials from reliable tradesmen. You will, therefore, be sure that your home is built from the best materials, products, and brands. At Kinkade Group, we build quality custom homes that suit the tastes and styles of our clients. We are reliable custom home builders offering services in Adelaide SA, Mount Barker, SA, and the surrounding areas. In addition to building custom homes, we also do home renovations, kitchen renovations, and home extensions. We are among the best commercial builders in Adelaide, SA; we focus on both residential and commercial building projects.  

Add more comfort to your home and increase the living space through our renovation services. We can help you to remodel structures like floors, kitchens, and any other part of your home. It is possible to transform your old home and give it the comfort of a new home. Renovating your home and adding more space can help to give your family more privacy and comfort than the current house offers.  

Is the visual design of your kitchen trapped in the 1970s and 1980s? This is an indication that the kitchen could really use a renovation and a visual update. We can change the entire appearance of your kitchen through simple tasks like repainting the walls and the kitchen cabinets. We can also replace and update worn out cabinet hardware and install new countertops and floors. We ensure that a kitchen is an ideal place from which to prepare your meals. For instance, we can enhance the ventilation of your kitchen to reduce the heat and the odor associated with meal preparations.  

It does not matter the types of adjustments you need to make in your home. Kinkade Group Mount Barker, SA, can help meet your expectations.